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Liz Schulze is an accomplished Contemporary Artist from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. She is currently living and working in St. Petersburg, Florida.  She has exhibited in numerous galleries around the country and continues to receive critical praise for her vibrant, colorful, prolific and playfully pop renderings of people, politics, animals, architecture and landscapes.

Liz credits Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo and Jean-Michel Basquiat for having an enormous impact on her artistic style.   Florida's tropical magic also factors heavily into her paintings and murals.  As Liz states, "Florida is so exotic and fabulous!  There's a vibrancy to the constantly blooming plants, the diversity of sea creatures, the birds and the tropical trees. There's an incredible lushness that really influences my work."

Liz has also created Eggsplat! Studios which was created and is dedicated to teaching kids of all ages and abilities.  The goal is to spark and encourage a lifelong appreciation of art and creative endeavors.  

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